How to Enroll in Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering

When international students desire to enroll in degree programs, there are two methods do so, such as taking an entrance examination to directly become a degree student of the graduate school, or enroll in the university as a non-degree research student and preparing for taking the entrance examination to become a graduate student.

Graduate School Degree Students (Master’s Programs, Doctoral Programs and 5-year Doctoral Programs)

Those who desire to become a degree student of the graduate school, please refer to the Graduate School Degree Student page.
Also check the Special Selection of International Students.

Non-Degree Research Students (Kenkyusei)

Non-Degree Research Students (Kenkyusei) refers to students who perform research on specific research topics under the guidance of an instructor at the University of Tsukuba. Although research students are able to attend classes related to research upon the approval of an instructor or faculty in charge of a class, they cannot acquire credits, or Master’s or Doctoral degrees.

Those who desire to become a research student, please refer to the International Research Student page.

Japanese Government Scholarship Students

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Support for International Students after Enrollment
Tutors are assigned for each international student in degree programs as required, in order to provide the necessary support. A consultation office is also available for international students in each specific degree program, where the faculty in charge provides consultations on daily life and learning.