Admission Fee and Tuition Waiver

– Admission Fee Exemption & Deferment
– Tuition Waiver
– Tuition Deferment and Monthly Payment
Scholarships and Educational Support
– Scholarships and Educational Support
Unique Financial Support for Doctoral Program Students

Our Unique Financial Support for Doctoral Program Students
Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering offer a financial support for doctoral students.
In this financial support system, in addition to the exemption of student tuitions offered university-wide, the Graduate School of Systems and Engineering uniquely employs students as research assistants (RA), in order to provide exemption or provision of RA honorarium for more than half the amount equivalent to the annual tuition of a student. Except for students who do not meet the qualification requirements, this suport is available for all the candidate students.
* In order to receive this financial support, it is necessary to submit the application required for the exemption of student tuitions offered university-wide, and the application to receive this support by the specified date.
In addition, the following students cannot apply for this financial support.
– Working students who have a constant income, such as students who receive a salary from their place of employment
– Japanese government scholarship students and Research Fellowships for Young Scientists of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS Fellowships) who receive a constant income
– International students of foreign governments who receive an allowance equivalent to the tuition or cost of living

Teaching Assistant (TA) System


The purpose for introducing the TA system is to promote improvement in the treatment of graduate students by providing remuneration, as well as to promote improvement in the university education and the provision of training opportunities as instructors for excellent graduate students of the university, by the student performing educational assistant work under educational considerations.
Our degree programs actively employ students as TAs.
Master’s Program students who became TAs assist the classes of undergraduate degree program, and the Doctoral Program students assist the classes of Master’s Programs and undergraduate degree program.
The TA system has achieved the following effectiveness.
1. Improvement of the educational environment university-wide
2. Improvement in study guidance techniques and educational consciousness of students engaged in TA work
3. Financial support for students
Details: TA Handbook

Research Assistant (RA) System * Doctoral Programs only

This system is for Doctoral program students to perform Research Assistant (RA) work.
* Regarding the employment of RAs, most of the employment is related to research work using research funds externally acquired by individual faculty members.

Research Fellowships for Young Scientists of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS DC Fellowship) * Doctoral Programs only


When Doctoral program students are employed under a JSPS DC Fellowship, the student is able to receive monthly grants of 200,000 yen (estimated amount) for the encouragement of research, in addition to research funds.
* Refer to the JSPS website for the details of the program, etc.