Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Computer Science

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Educational Aims of the Degree Programs

In the Master’s Program, we aim to foster human resources who are equipped with:

  • In-depth expertise in various information technology fields
  • Knowledge needed in international society
  • Professional research capabilities and practical skills
  • Creativity and flexibility

We also aim to develop people who can utilize these abilities to contribute to problem-solving in specific fields.

In the Doctoral Program, in addition to the above, we aim to foster human resources who can lead problemsolving efforts.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Masterʼs Program : 116
Doctoral Program : 25

Course Models

Features of the Degree Programs

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Research (C-AIR) serves as a hub for advanced research projects

The C-AIR acts as a hub for interdisciplinary research, fostering groundbreaking research projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Practical, appealing curriculum delivered through industry-academia collaboration

We offer courses in collaboration with industry, PBL courses, courses that develop teaching skills, and courses in new and advanced research fields.

The Computer Science English Program

The Computer Science English Program fosters qualified international researchers in computer science. This program is for those wish to earn a Master’s degree, and all lectures are conducted in English. The program aims to foster international-minded human resources who can work on a global scale.

Competences of the Degree Programs

Students are able to acquire the following competences up until completion.

Achievement Level Assessment System (ALAS)

ALAS enables students to confirm their achievement status related to knowledge and abilities (generic/specific competences) which must be acquired and improve their learning plan with their supervisors.