Graduate School Credited Auditors

Graduate School Credited Auditors
The Credited Auditor System of the university is for expanding the opportunities for working individuals to study part time, and provides the appropriate evaluations of the results of the learning achievements, as well as being a part of lifelong learning.
In this system, we accept working adults to take courses offered by the graduate school. When those who have achieved grades above a certain level as a result of examinations at the end of a semester or during a semester, the university will grant regular credits. However, since not all class subjects can be taken, check the availability and condition of the class subjects in the “Course Catalog for Graduate School Students (for non-degree research student reference)” before submitting the application.
In addition, the earned credits may be handled as though they were earned by studying class subjects at the graduate school, in the case the student is enrolled in the graduate school.
Please check the Official University website (Credited Auditors) for details.

Graduate School Non-degree Research Students (Kenkyusei)

Research students (Kenkyusei) refers to students who do research on specific research topics under the guidance of a supervisor at the University of Tsukuba. Although research students are able to attend classes related to research upon the approval of an supervisor or faculty in charge of a class, they cannot acquire credits, or Master’s or Doctoral degrees.

Japanese Research Students

For Japanese who wish to become research students, please check the Official University website (Research Student System).

International Research Students

In order for international students to enroll in universities in Japan, there are generally two methods including a method of enrolling in a university as a research student and preparing for taking the entrance examination of the graduate school, and a method for taking an entrance examination to directly become a graduate school degree student.
You would be able to enroll in Research students three times per year (April, October and December), and the application can be submitted via the International Research Student Admissions Web Entry System. Please refer to the Official University website (International Research Students) for the details.

Information on Applications for Research Students in each Specific Degree Program

Some of the specific degree programs require submission of additional documents, such as “Application Form for Academic Advisor Assignment”. Therefore, please be sure to check the information on the application for research students in each specific degree program, and obtain advice from a supervisor before submitting the document.