Master’s Program in Service Engineering

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Educational Aims of the Degree Programs

The service sector generates 70% of added value and employment in the current socio-economic environment.
Our future lives will require human resources with the knowledge and skills to create new and better services. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in social need for “service engineering” as a new academic field.

The Master’s Program in Service Engineering is a professional research degree program which aims to foster nextgeneration leaders who can address service-related social problems today and in the future, create new methods and practices, and contribute to socio-economic development.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Masterʼs Program : 24

Course Models

Features of the Degree Programs

The world’s first degree program based on the empirical research by our faculty

Our empirical research has shown that planning and development of successful services in Japan has similarities with the target costing methods used by Japanese manufacturing firms. These methodologies are systematized using knowledge from four areas: (1) science of effectiveness, (2) science of efficiency, (3) art of integration, and (4) ongoing evolution after initial implementation.

Based on such academic discoveries, our program develops high-level professionals capable of imagining the future by realizing the benefits of basic theory application and systematic development of new and/or better services. Upon completion, students are awarded a Master of Engineering in Service Science. Our vision is to educate our students through cooperation with Japanese service-sector organizations while contributing to regional development and generating advances in technology and pure theoretical research.

Competences of the Degree Programs

Students are able to acquire the following competences up until completion.

Achievement Level Assessment System (ALAS)

ALAS enables students to confirm their achievement status related to knowledge and abilities (generic/specific competences) which must be acquired and improve their learning plan with their supervisors.