Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Risk and Resilience Engineering

For more details please visit the degree program’s website: Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Risk and Resilience Engineering

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Educational Aims of the Degree Programs

Faced with today’s increasingly unstable social conditions, our biggest challenge is to create resilient social systems capable of recovering from and flexibly responding to unforeseen contingencies, while maintaining and providing necessary functions. This requires establishment of appropriate risk management systems to provide the strength and flexibility needed to achieve safety and security for an information-based society and economy, at both national and regional levels.

The purpose of the Master’s program is to foster highly specialized professionals capable of giving back to society as a result of studies pursued in view of real-world issues. The aim is for our graduates to help create a resilient society by applying the results of risk analysis and assessment obtained using engineering methodology.

In the Doctoral program, in addition to the above, we aim to foster academic and global human resources equipped with both research skills based on theoretical understanding and advanced practical skills.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Masterʼs Program : 32
Doctoral Program : 13

Course Models

Features of the Degree Programs

New educational system: Collaborative Graduate School Program

Faculty members in charge of the degree programs include full-time university faculty members and frontline researchers at companies and research institutions from the Resilience Research and Education Promotion Consortium.
Please see the website for more details on our Collaborative Graduate School Program.

Competences of the Degree Programs

Students are able to acquire the following competences up until completion.

Achievement Level Assessment System (ALAS)

ALAS enables students to confirm their achievement status related to knowledge and abilities (generic/specific competences) which must be acquired and improve their learning plan with their supervisors.