Doctoral Program in Empowerment Informatics

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Educational Aims of the Degree Programs

Informatics supplements and extends human functions, enabling technology to work in harmony with people.

This five-year doctoral program aims to produce global leaders who can design systems that empower humans. Such leaders will be capable of exercising initiatives in a global community bringing together people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Doctoral Program : 8

Course Models

Features of the Degree Programs

The word “empowerment” originally means to “give abilities and powers to people.” It has been used in a sociological sense to explain the process of realizing a society where individuals or groups can exert their latent abilities. In recent years, empowerment has been practiced in the fields of nursing and business. Empowerment Informatics is a branch of informatics that has been systematized to encourage and support human independence and autonomy, improving the quality of life.
In order to develop the abilities students need to create systems capable of empowering people, we offer an unique curriculum focused on developing three competences: Interdisciplinary Ability, Presentation Ability, and Frontline Ability.
We have established a collaborative system in a multidisciplinary field consisting of informatics, engineering, art, psychology, neuroscience, clinical medicine, nursing science, business science, and corporate law, and foster global human resources ; aiming to take the initiative and design systems that empower people in an international community with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Competences of the Degree Programs

Students are able to acquire the following competences up until completion.

Achievement Level Assessment System (ALAS)

ALAS enables students to confirm their achievement status related to knowledge and abilities (generic/specific
competences) which must be acquired and improve their learning plan with their supervisors.