Master’s and Doctoral Programs in Policy and Planning Sciences

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Educational Aims of the Degree Programs

In the Master’s Program, students acquire basic knowledge in our three domains (listed below) and expert knowledge of at least one domain.
Financial/Human Resource Design: Finance & Optimization
Spatial/Environmental Design: Urban Planning
Organizational/Behavioral Design: Behavioral Science
The goal of this program is to develop highly capable professionals and international experts equipped with
problem-solving skills.
Furthermore, in the Doctoral program, we aim to develop educators, researchers, and highly capable professionals equipped with skills in problem-finding as well as problem-solving and the ability to achieve internationally recognized research outcomes.

Number of Students to be Admitted

Masterʼs Program : 88
Doctoral Program : 22

Course Models

Features of the Degree Programs

Two cycles and five educational focuses shape educational guidelines for the programs.
The following two cycles foster solution-finding skills:

Social System Cycle for deductive understanding of a social phenomena
Data Analysis Cycle for inductive understanding of a social phenomena

The Five Educational Focuses

1. Find: the ability to deductively understand social phenomena through theory and experiential measurement.
2: Analyze: the ability to inductively understand social phenomena through data analysis.
3: Plan: the ability to design and restructure social systems based on understanding of social phenomena.
4: Do: the ability to create concrete policy proposals and design social experiments based on system design.
5: See: the ability to deepen both deductive and inductive understanding of social phenomena by measuring

and evaluating social experiments and policy proposals.

Multifaceted research supervision by the Advisory Group (AG) and research units.

Competences of the Degree Programs

Students are able to acquire the following competences up until completion.

Achievement Level Assessment System (ALAS)

ALAS enables students to confirm their achievement status related to knowledge and abilities (generic/specific
competences) which must be acquired and improve their learning plan with their supervisors.