Eligibility Screening of Applications (1)

A If you do not meet the requirements to be exempted from the eligibility screening at the time of application, you mustundergo eligibility screening again.

Prior contact with faculty members (2)

A The following are possible reasons why you did not receive a reply.

・The text in your message is unreadable.

→ Sometimes, email text sent via a webmail service in a language other than Japanese, such as Korean or Chinese, becomes corrupt during transmission and cannot be read.
If you intend to send email in Japanese language via webmail, we recommend that you send your message from a Japanese webmail service account.

・The content of your email is not clear.

→ By getting specific and concise details of your personal history and study plans from you, the faculty member will be able to give you appropriate advices on your research and other matters.

[Examples of content]

1.Educational background (elementary school to completion of university, or graduate school)
2.Employment history
3.How you came to know the faculty member’s name
4.The reason why you chose the faculty member
5.Your research plans

・The faculty member may be away on business or other matters and may be unaware of your email.

→ Most faculty members receive extremely large number of emails, and there is a possibility some email may be overlooked during busy periods when the faculty member is away on business or other matters. Please resend your email.

A Please find their contact information on each Master’s/doctoral program’s website or their personal websites.

Web Entry System (Online application form) (4)

A Please contact the Academic Service Office (Graduate Support) and let us know the following details via email. After confirming the details, we will make corrections on the application data.

[Details to include in your email]

Subject:Request for correction, graduate school entrance examination for ___ [month and year of examination]
1.Examinee number
3.Item to be corrected
4.Details prior to correction
5.Details after correction

A If you have not yet clicked the “Submit to Apply” button, you can upload the photo again on the Web Entry system.
If you have already clicked the “Submit to Apply” button, please send the correct photo to the Academic Service Office (Graduate Support) as an email attachment. We will issue a new Reference Card.

A Even if you repeated a year, the standard period of study is four years. Therefore, please enter “4.”

[If you did not go on to high school]
Please enter the name of the school to which the “Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates” applies. For the date of entry and date of graduation, please enter the date you passed the certificate exam. For the period of study, enter “3.”
[If you started high school and later left school]
Please enter the name of the school and the date of entry. For the date of graduation, enter the date you left school. For the period of study, enter “3.”
In the “Remarks” section under Educational Background, please enter the following: Passed the Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates on [month] [day], [year].

Web Entry System (PDF printing, etc.) (5)

A If you can be identified from the photo on your card, it is not a problem.

A Please contact the Academic Service Office (Graduate Support) by email. We will correct the orientation of the photo and send you a new Reference Card.

A Please contact the Academic Service Office (Graduate Support) by email.

A Please try printing out the PDF on another printer. If the sections still remain blank, please enter the information in handwriting.

Submission of certificates by mail or hand (11)

A You need a certificate of application for the (prospective) conferment of a degree (please request it to the technical college you are attending), a certificate of expected completion of your advanced course, a transcript of your grades in your advanced course, and a transcript of your grades in your regular course.

A It is not required if you are enrolled in a vocational or other such school that does not confer degrees.

A That is fine. Please submit the single document.

A That is fine. Please submit the single document.

A A document certifying your receipt of a degree is necessary. If the certificate of completion or your transcripts state the name of the degree you received, there is no need for any other document certifying your receipt of a degree.

A The documents do not need to be sealed. However, the recommendation letter for the Special Selection Process for Recommended Applicants must be sealed at your home university before submission.

A That is not necessary. Simply submit a statement written by you indicating that taking the exam will not interfere with your work.

A Insofar as possible, please provide certifying documents issued within the past three months.

A Even if you plan to reapply, you will have to prepare all certifying documents specified in the application guidelines for the entrance examination, and follow procedures for applying. The same applies to payment of the examination fee.

A If there is any problem with your application or other supporting documents, we will notify you. If we do not contact you, this means that your documents have been accepted.

A All documents submitted will not be returned to you. Please do not submit the certificates that cannot be reissued. Generally, original certificates are required to be submitted. If you cannot submit the original document because it cannot be reissued, a photocopy is exceptionally accepted. The copied document must be attested by an authorized official of your university and have the official university seal. Photocopies that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted. If you are unable to obtain a photocopy that meets the requirement and you must submit an original document that cannot be reissued, please enclose a note stating the following information. The original document will be returned to you after the entrance examination at our office. Please note that the document cannot be returned by mail. Also, we will not provide you with a photocopy after submission. Please make your own copy and keep them before submission if necessary.

[Details to include in the note]

1.Examination period
*Please write the date listed on the upper right in the Reference Card.
*Example (February, Graduate Admission 20XX)
2.Examinee number
3.Your Name
4.Major of your choice
5.Name/description of the document you wish to be returned

[Office for retrieving your documents]
Graduate Support
Academic Service Office for the Systems and Information Engineering Area (Building 3A -201)
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8573

External English Proficiency Test Score Sheet (4)

A Yes. The evaluation of the score sheet is considered the foreign language examination. However, applicants for the Doctoral Program in Empowerment Informatics can apply for an exemption from submitting the score sheets if they meet certain conditions.

A No. The score sheet must be submitted by the application deadline. If the score is not submitted properly, you will be excluded from the further selection.

A No. The submitted score sheet will not be returned to you.

A No. We do not accept any photocopies.

Examination (4)

A Information on the past examination is available on the following website.

Master’s/Doctoral Degree Programs in Policy and Planning Sciences, Master’s Program in Service Engineering

Other Master’s/doctoral programs do not provide past examination questions since they conduct oral examinations only.

A No. We cannot adjust the schedule to suit each applicant’s convenience.

A We will provide details of the venue in the “Information and Instructions for Examinees”. See our Graduate Admissions website. Detailed location of the examinations will be posted on the entrance examination bulletin board for the Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering by 10:00 am on the day prior to the examination period. Please check the information on the bulletin board before or on the examination day (Please arrive at the venue well in advance, so you won’t miss the posting). We will not notify the applicants of the examination time or other information individually. However, some Master’s/doctoral programs provide the examination information through their websites. Please check the notes in “Screening Criteria” in the application guidelines.

A There is no dual application system, but you can apply for another entrance examination separately. Please note that we will not change the time of the oral examination in consideration of the candidate applying for another entrance examination. (see Q30).
Also, you cannot enroll in more than one program at the same time. (The Dual Degree Programs at the Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering is an exception to the above conditions.)

A It depends on your country of residence. You may be required to have a short-term visa. Please make an inquiry at the local Japanese embassy or consulate.

After the announcement of successful applicants (2)

A If it is before the university announces the successful applicants, please notify the Academic Service Office (Graduate Support) . If it is after the university announces the successful applicants, please immediately notify the Division of Educational Promotion.

A If you were unable to receive the documents due to the expiration of the holding period at your nearest post office, please receive the documents directly at the office of the Division of Educational Promotion. If you are too far away to come to the university, we may be able to mail the documents again if you cover the postage.

Division of Educational Promotion,
Department of Educational Promotion

University of Tsukuba
1-1-1, Tennodai, Tsukuba-city
Ibaraki Prefecture 305-8577 Japan
Telephone: +81-(0)29-853-2231

Other (1)

A It is difficult to say in general, as it depends on the research theme. However, we have published the “ideal candidate” for each program and educational course in our admission policy.
Click here for the Admission Policy.