Notes on Web Entry: Entering Supervisor of Your Choice

Updated May 2, 2022

Main supervisor and Sub-supervisor

In order to provide a better learning environment, the Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering adopts a multiple supervisor system.
A main supervisor and one or more sub-supervisors are assigned to each student.
The Faculty Directory lists the roles that can be assigned to each faculty member:

Main supervisor/Sub-supervisor: A faculty member can be either “main supervisor” or “sub-supervisor.”
Sub-supervisor: A faculty member can be a “sub-supervisor.”

Appointment of Supervisors

The application for admission requires the name of a faculty member who agreed to become the applicant’s prospective supervisor.
However, the name of a faculty member who will only be a “sub-supervisor” cannot be selected alone.
If applicants wish to conduct research related to that person’s research keywords, they must make an additional appointment with a faculty member whose role is displayed “Main supervisor/Sub-supervisor.”
After enrollment, they will be able to conduct research related to the sub-supervisor’s research topics under the guidance of the main supervisor.
Applicants for the Master’s/Doctoral Program in Computer Science and the Master’s/Doctoral Program in Engineering Mechanics and Energy must choose their main supervisor and sub-supervisor from the same “Research Field.”