Focus (Introduction of SIE)

Students Voice Vol.2- Syll Amadou Sakhir (Doctoral Program in Engineering Mechanics and Energy)

 Choosing to study abroad in Japan, more specifically at the University of Tsukuba, was a great choice. As a consequence of coming to such a completely different culture, I expected a huge cultural shock and great obstacles to integrating the Japanese society. However, my supervisor, colleague, and faculty members have helped me in various ways to overcome this barrier. Moreover, the student-faculty ratio in the department of SIE is suitable enough to allow productive working relationships between student and their advisors. The department maintains an atmosphere in which close interaction between students and faculty is the norm. In such environment, students benefit from the experience and knowledge of their advisors to solve important engineering problems. Besides, The University of Tsukuba has advanced campus facilities with a great environment for life and study.

 I strongly believe that for prospective students who are not afraid to break down the conventional walls between engineering fields, this is the place to explore extraordinary topics to become a super engineer and create an exciting future.

(Syll Amadou Sakhir, Doctoral Program in Engineering Mechanics and Energy)

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