A List of Handouts for New Graduate Students in 2020

A List of Handouts for New Graduate Students in 2020

【Notice】Changes to AY2020 Academic Calendar

※ How to operate KdB, TWINS, and manaba: ICT Guide 2020


  1. AY 2020 Guidance to the Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering *Japanese only
  2. Registration of Residence
  3. Roster of Freshmen
  4. JASSO “An exemption from repayment system for graduate students with particularly outstanding records” for graduate school recipients of Category 1 Loans *Japanese only
  5. JASSO scholarships and tuition waiver *Japanese only
  6. Addmission to doctoral programs for candidates from master’s programs of Degree Programas in Systems and Information Engineering *Japanese only
  7. Financial supports for doctoral students in Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering *Japanese only
  8. Accreditation of Credits Earned at  Other Graduate Schools Prior to Admission to University of Tsukuba
  9. Campus Map
  10. Survery of Incoming Graduate Students on TWINS
  11. Evacuation Area for Large Scale Earthquakes
  12. Graduate General Education Courses (GGEC) Program 2020
  13. Graduate Advanced Discussion Course *Japanese only
  14. ICT Guide Leaflet
  15. Graduate school Handbook / Campus Web Tools
  16. Mental and Physical Health Support
  17. T-ACT
  18. General Consultation Service
  20. University of Tsukuba Library Guide
  21. Towards a Harassment-Free Campus
  22. General Consultation Services / Counseling and Psychological Services
  23. On-Campus Transportation System (Bus Pass)
  24. Car Sharing
  25. Research Ethics Brochure *Japanese only
  26. Computer Systems and Software Provided by Academic Computing & Communications Center
  27. Why don’t you participate in research internships? *Japanese only
  28. Safe and Secure Use of The Information Systems
  29. Taking the “INFOSS Information Ethics” course
  30. Overseas Safety Handbook
  31. Go Abroad ! – Overseas Study Guidebook for University of Tsukuba Students –
  32. Alumini Association of The University of Tsukuba *Japanese only
  33. International Student Guidebook 2020 *Foreign Students Only

Other(WEB Only)