International Student Committee

Consultation Service for International Students (Graduate and Research Students)

If you have any questions about livelihood, health, learning, entrance examination, scholarship, tuition fee exemption application, or related, the following teaching staff in charge will accept the consultations. Please make an appointment by e-mail prior visiting the consultation staff.

Teaching Staff in Charge of Consultation

Support in each department is provided by the committee member in charge of the international students for that department.


Email: sysinfo-is30 “at”

The consultation support provided by this committee is exclusive to enrolled students. For information related with the admission process please refer to this website.

Information about Research Student Applications

In our graduate school it is normal to enroll as a research student before entering the masters or doctor program. Information about enrollment as a Research Student can be found here.

International Student Committee 2018

Naoko Kaida (Department of Policy and Planning Sciences)
Keiichi Okajima (Department of Risk Engineering)
Atushi Maeda (Department of Computer Science) [Committee Chair]
Noriyuki Hori (Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies)
Masayoshi Ishida (Department of Engineering Mechanics and Energy)