Message from the Provost

Provost: Professor. Yoshiaki Ohsawa

The Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering is known for its distinctive style of education and research in a new, cutting-edge and multidisciplinary field that integrates “systems,” “information,” and “society.” We are proud of the abundance of our achievements, and believe that our research and development outcomes in the field deserve attention, as they serve as the bedrock of social infrastructure and support our daily lives and economic activities.

The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, which has been conducted for five years since 2016, recognizes the arrival of “the Era of Revolutionary Change,” when the evolution in technologies, including ICT (information and communications technology), drastically changes the social and economic structure. This plan also advocate s the realization of a “super-smart society,” where cyber‒physical space fusion may bring greater prosperity to people. Moreover, it aims to promote industry‒academia collaboration in order to facilitate the cultivation and recruitment of engineers who will be responsible for future innovation in science and technology. This vision is exactly what we share. Our mission is to contribute to the promotion of art and science, as well as developing human resources with global perspective, flexible thinking, originality, and creativity indispensable to solving real-world problems, which are often complicated and challenging, and eventually producing potential leaders with international initiative.

Today’s social problems, regional challenges, and economic activities are highly sophisticated, and accordingly, our graduate school is expected to play an ever-expanding role in solving these problems. We have started employing proposal-based programs for education and research including recurrent education of people in the working world in order to enhance graduate education. Furthermore, we will always stay open to attract highly motivated students, domestic or foreign, and are committed to training them as prospective global leaders.