[Important notice] Degree Program System (From April 2020)

Degree Program System (From April 2020)

In April 2020, the University of Tsukuba will reorganize all graduate schools into a degree program system.

This is the first reform in Japan that shifts all graduate schools to a degree program system in one university. We will develop highly diverse human resources that can respond to the complex demands of the rapidly changing modern society.

Professors in charge of only one major now will be able to collaborate on teaching in other programs, and students will be able to study in more various fields.

The Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering will be reorganized into the Degree Programs in Systems and Information Engineering with eight master’s and seven doctoral degree programs:

・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Policy and Planning Sciences
・Master’s Program in Service Engineering
・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Risk and Resilience Engineering
・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Computer Science
・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems
・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Engineering Mechanics and Energy
・Doctoral Program in Empowerment Informatics
・Master’s / Doctoral Program in Life Science Innovation

The entrance examination in February 2020 will be conducted under the abovementioned degree programs.