Q What should I do if I do not receive a reply after emailing a faculty?

A The following are possible reasons why you did not receive a reply.

  • The text in your message may have been unreadable.

  • → On occasion, email text sent via a webmail service in a language other than Japanese, such as Korean or Chinese, becomes corrupt during transmission and cannot be read.
    If you intend to send email in Japanese via webmail, we recommend that you send your email after obtaining an account from a Japanese webmail service.

  • The content of your email is not clear.

  • → Providing specific, concise details of your personal history and study plans will assist the faculty in replying to your email and giving you appropriate advice on your research and other matters.

      [Examples of content]

    1. Educational background (elementary school to university, completion of graduate school)
    2. Employment history
    3. How you came to know the faculty’s name
    4. The reason that person is the faculty of your choice
    5. Your research plans

  • The faculty may be away on business or other matters and may be unaware of your email.

  • → Many faculties receive extremely large number of emails, and there is a possibility some email may be overlooked during busy periods when the faculty is away on business or other matters. Please resend your email.