Message from the Provost

Provost: Professor. Hiroyuki Kitagawa

Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering at the University of Tsukuba has a proven track record in leading-edge multidisciplinary research and education that involves “systems,” “information,” and “society.” Engineered systems, being the fruits of scientific and technological advances, are already prevalent in our society. Information technologies cannot be left out when it comes to improving the quality of our lives. Social engineering is indispensable in creating vanguard socio-technical systems.

We accept qualified graduates from universities and technical colleges located in all parts of the world. More than 30 % of our students are from overseas countries. Every year, students with diverse backgrounds enter our school and enjoy high-quality education together. Our goal and mission are to equip those students with profound knowledge and unsurpassed problem-solving skills, so that they can serve as professionals of high caliber with well-rounded and global vision, inspiring societal progress.

It is our great pleasure to exchange ideas with many distinguished researchers and up-and-coming students here at Tsukuba.