Financial Aid

For Doctoral Program Students

The Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba, offers financial aid to all doctoral program students by providing the amount equivalent to more than half of the tuition and other fees.

Financial aid system Supporting organizations
Exemption of tuition and other fees University
Research Assistant (RA):
Provision of salary for assistance in research activities
University + Graduate School
Teaching Assistant (TA):
Provision of salary for assistance in education activities
University + Graduate School
  1. Financial aid is offered by way of exemption of tuition and other fees, RA or TA systems or the combination thereof. Specifically, the university exempts tuition and other fees and/or employs students as RAs or TAs, and in addition to that, the Graduate School, at its own discretion, employs students as RAs or TAs as necessary, so that the amount equivalent to more than half of the tuition and other fees to be paid in a year (or the amount equivalent to more than half of the annual tuition fees in the second year of enrollment and thereafter) will be reimbursed in the form of salaries.
  2. In principle, all students enrolled in and after the 2009 school year are eligible for financial aid, which continues during the standard enrollment period of three years. Financial aid may be cancelled with regard to students whose academic performance, class attendance, or work behavior as an RA/TA is poor.
  3. As measures offered by Graduate School, those students who have steady earning income, such as that through full-time employment, government-sponsored international students, those granted Research Fellowship for Young Scientists by JSPS, and international students sponsored by foreign governments who are provided with the amount equivalent to academic fees and living expenses, are not eligible. However, students who are provided with a scholarship loan by JASSO or other organizations are eligible for such financial aid.
  4. With regard to students who are provided with a non-repayable scholarship (such as the Honors Scholarship provided by JASSO) or are separately employed as an RA through the use of project expenses, the amount to be provided as financial aid may be adjusted.
  5. Students who are eligible for financial aid should submit the application documents for admission-fee/tuition exemption, and documents required to be employed as an RA/TA. No financial aid will be provided to those who fail to submit those documents or to complete necessary procedures.