Admission policy

Type of students we wish to attract

The Admissions Committee must be convinced that an applicant will be able to contribute to the further development of mankind in the 21st century from a global and comprehensive viewpoint.

Basic Policy for Selection

There are two kinds of entrance examination: (1) Admission based on recommendation, and (2) Admission based on examination. We make selections multiple times per year, each tailored to the type of admission.

Applicants’ qualifications will be assessed on the basis of official academic transcripts, official score certificates of either TOEFL or TOEIC, and oral examinations. Please refer to the application guide for more detailed information.

The written examination may or may not be required, depending on the department or the type of entrance examination mentioned above. For information about past written examinations, please visit this website

For an enrollment quota of each department, please refer to the application guide or visit the department’s website.

Admissions Committee

Selection procedures will be performed by the Admissions Committee. The committee will include the Provost of the Graduate School (chairperson of the committee), and Department Chairs.
Information about who creates the problems for written examinations and who will mark the papers is not disclosed outside the Admissions Committee.
Sub-committees are organized for the oral examination in each department. A department chair appoints the members of a sub-committee for the oral examination according to the academic area of each applicant.
The final decision regarding admission will be taken by the Administrative Committee of the
Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering on the basis of preliminary selection at the departments.