Qualifications for Application

Master’s Program

(a) Regular Entrance Examination

  1. Applicants who graduated, or are expected to graduate, from a university by the end of March of the year of admission
  2. Applicants who received, or are expected to receive, bachelor’s degrees by the end of March of the year of admission
  3. Applicants aged 22 and over who are evaluated by our Graduate School’s Screening Committee as having abilities that are equivalent or superior to the average college graduate
  4. Applicants who are enrolled in a university for more than 3 years and evaluated by our Graduate School’s Screening Committee as having outstanding academic records

(b) Regular Entrance Examination for Working Individuals

This system is designed to provide those individuals who are already in employment and with rich experience the opportunity to study at our university.

(c) Admission Based on Recommendation

The requirements for the recommendation-based admission are threefold. First, applicants must meet one of the aforementioned prerequisites for the examination-based admission. Second, they must also meet either one of the following conditions 1 and 2:

  1. Applicants who earned A (Excellent) grades in approximately 70 percent or more of the courses they have taken by the time of application;
  2. Applicants whose academic records indicate high excellence in a specific research field of the Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering.

In addition to the two requirements above, they must satisfy the following conditions 3 and 4:

  1. Applicants recommended for admission by the Deans of their institutions (endorsed candidates), or those who nominate themselves for admission (self-nominated candidates);
  2. Applicants who make a definite promise to enter our Graduate School if successful in the screening process.

The selection is based on the results of an interview, academic records, and other available materials. For further information, please refer to the application guide.