Qualifications for Application

Doctoral Programs

(a) Regular Entrance Examination

Master’s degree holders or those individuals who are expected to receive master’s degrees by the end of March in the year of admission, or students who have the abilities equivalent or superior to the average master’s degree holders are eligible to apply to the Program. Please refer to the application guide for more detailed information.

(b) Regular Entrance Examination for Working Individuals

This system is designed to provide individuals who are already in employment and with rich experience the opportunity to study at our university. Please note that only those candidates that have this regular entrance examination for working individuals are eligible to apply for the one-year doctoral program for working individuals as explained in the next chapter.

(c) Entrance Examination for those living overseas

Our doctoral programs offer a chance of entrance in August for applicants living in countries other than Japan. The applicants must be Master’s degree holders or expected to successfully complete their master’s degrees or its equivalent by the end of July in the year of admission.

Information from a variety of sources will be considered when evaluating the applications, including the candidate’s purpose of application, the level of knowledge and skills of the candidate in the proposed area of study and the research proposal he or she plans to pursue during the doctoral program. A campus committee evaluates the applications both by document screening and by oral communications via video teleconference systems, such as Polycom and/or Skype. The oral examination is held either at one of our overseas offices or at a university with which University of Tsukuba has an international exchange agreement. For information about admission, tuition fees, and financial assistance, please visit  this page.